So, I covered the mattress with a thick duvet to add a texture, securing it with the mattress protector. The mattress is very angular otherwise. I measured and made covers for the mattress and two large cushions for the back and one smaller for the side.

A cool sofa which can double as a bed if/when there is a festive overspill!

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I marked where to adjustheadboard and inserted the chipboard. I had also levelled the corners and also cut off the slanted parts of the bottom feet.

I first assmebled the bed/raw materials to see what needed to be done.

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So I had so much hassel with Ikea sofas and found a blog for people who upgrade Ikea furniture called Ikea Hackers. Anyway, I wanted to make a sofa after putting together the self assembly sofas. I knew that I would  make it better. So I ordered:

  1. One single Fjellse bed frame £25
  2. One Slatted base bas 90cm wide £15
  3. One Sultan Haruestua mattress 90x200cm £60
  4. Chipboard – offcut 35x88cm £2
  5. SKYDDA LÄTT Mattress protector £3
  6. Old quilt and quilting (I already had it)
  7. Cotton canvas furniture fabric (I already had it)
  8. I found the cushions in the Ikea Bargain Corner for £12 each. I modified the size.

Raw Bits



  1. Saw
  2. Drill
  3. Staple gun.
  4. Sewing machine

I measured and made the cover. It was the simplest pattern. I love it!!!!

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Once I had the box I tacked (with a staple gun) the cushion to the top. I then covered with a cheap duvet that I cut out a simple pattern (you can get them from a big superstore basics range – or even Ikea. It worked out cheaper than wadding by the meter).

So, I drill the holes that I need to screw the joints together.

I wanted to get this: The Klippan footstool. I would have bought it, but it was out of stock in the Ikea branch nearest to me.  I found the manual and it looked really simple. I only wanted the frame as I wanted to cover it in an African print.

KLIPPAN Pouffe cover IKEA Easy to keep clean; removable, machine washable cover.

I got rid of some chairs that were really ugly, but held onto the cushions that were really decent quality.  I thought I might do something with them.

So, I went to a large DIY chain and went to the off-cut section. I negotiated buying some MDF for £3. I had measured the cushion beforehand and as they offer 15 free cuts, I had the pieces cut to size.  Here are the pieces and the ugly velour cushion.

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